#10 Murder by Mocha

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Coffeehouse Mystery #10  
Murder by Mocha 
by Cleo Coyle
Can coffee and chocolate heat up your love life? For Clare Cosi, the answer is murder. Village Blend beans are being used to create Mocha Magic, a coffee laced with an herbal aphrodisiac, to be sold exclusively on Aphrodite’s Village, a popular online community for women. But at the product’s launch party, one of Aphrodite’s “sisters” is killed. It appears someone wants control of the coffee’s secret formula—and will to kill to get it. 
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Murder by Mocha Recipes PDF
 Includes recipes for chocolate cookies, cakes, and candies. To see many of these recipes,  click here.
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A National Bestseller in hardcover and paperback 

and a Mystery Guild Featured 

Alternate Selection.


Published by Penguin in print and digital formats.
Produced in audio by AudioGo (BBC Audiobooks America)



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