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63 thoughts on “Cleo’s Newsletter

  1. I am new to reading your books. I just finished reading a second book. I can’t put them down. They are so wonderful! Not only that but I get a bonus with recipes!!!!! Yah!!!!!!!!!! Now I am looking forward to reading my third book….which is in the bedroom. I am going to pass my books to a dear friend, Cookie who is going to get hooked on them too! Thank you again for the humor, suspense and recipes.

    Hugs & BLessings to you,

    Dixie Garner

  2. Recently discovered one of your books on the new shelf at my library and promptly ordered the first four so I could read them in order. Will try your other series soon, too. Lovin’ your books!
    Marlee Stark

  3. I’m a tea snob and prefer steeped tea with loose leaves. I have read a number of tea mysteries. But, they don’t come out often enough for me. That said, I also consider myself a coffee snob. I fresh grind my beans every morning and thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction it has brought me. Since I came upon your coffee mysteries, I have been reading them non-stop. I have appreciated the education that you have woven through your books. (Much the same as my tea author has.) I look forward to honing my coffee skills as I finish ALL of your books. Please don’t stop writing.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. I love every one of your books! I get them as soon as they come out and can’t put them down! My only complaint is that you guys don’t write fast enough! LOL Please keep them coming!!!
    Happy Holidays,

  5. Am an avid reader. Newly retired. Just found your site and have found a few books. Love them.

  6. Cleo I love every site you’re on and follow you every week. Your books are as delicious as your recipes. I’m so glad I found you years ago. Don’t ever stop writing and bringing so much enjoyment to your followers. God Bless you and Hubby!!

  7. I love your newsletter and you have such great giveaways too. Love the books too!

  8. There is not one of your blogs, pages, sites online that I miss out on, that I know of, as I always find something new and interesting to help me reach my wish of learning at least one new thing a day. Thank you for doing that for me; my gift of knowledge or a recipe, etc. every day or at least every week!!!!! Love the grab bag prizes, like the mug and the coffee and the totes etc. etc. 🙂 Thank you for making the lives of so many readers and friends so wonderful, Cleo and Marc. xoxo Cynthia

  9. Have loved all the books! Looking forward to what happens to all the relationships and to more recipes. Hope you can include some recipes that are easy to make with not too many ingredients.

  10. I’m on book 8 and I just stumbled upon you a couple months ago. Thanks for writing such fun books!

  11. I signed up for the adult Summer Reading Club at my library & the Coffee House series was on their recommended list. My interest in ” sleuthing like a detective” began when I was in 5th grade & discovered the Nancy Drew series.An avid reader at 2 books/ wk – I’ve read thru all Patterson’s adult ( Womens Murder Club, Bennett & Cross ) series, and wanted something different & fun..” MURDER MOST FROTHY” was made to order!! How Fabulous!! I’m a native NYer, live on Long Island< and chose to read it over the July 4th Holiday- just as the characters were celebrating in the book.! I Love the interaction between Clare & her daughter & Madame.,. It does not feel contrived- as MANY head out to the Hamptons & Fire Island for Summer. I enjoyed the coffee information You learn a lot, without feeling it overwhelms the " cozy mystery". Recipes are a great tie in! The Bayport Library included recipes & a wood slotted spoon- with their " summer package" and ask for recipes to contribute into a Summer Collection to be shared with the Club at our Summer End party. Thank you for the inspiration- my next 2 reads – already reserved- "Once Upon A Grind" & " Billionaire Blend"..I cannot wait to review them for the Summer Reading Club.Thanks to both of you, Cleo & Marc for a fun & frothy series- I am hooked! Murder was never so delicious!!!

  12. I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed every one of your series…recommended them to friends and always get the newest on release!

  13. I recently read the first book and bought the second. Friends have been recommending the series for ages but there are so many to choose from. Wish I had listen sooner!

  14. I loved Dead to the last drop. I was sad for it to end. I didn’t want it to be over. I an anxiously waiting for your next book.

  15. Read every one of them and passed them along! Waiting for my next fix! Thanks for the great stories and fascinating facts about coffee!

  16. You know I love your books, and you know that as long as you write them my whole family will steal them as we finish reading them in my house.

  17. I just discovered your books. Dead to the Last Drop was very good and I loved the recipes. Of course I had to read it with a cup of coffee. I made three of the recipes yesterday, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings, Coffee glazed Chicken and the cheesecake. Everyone loved them. Other than retyping them into the computer is there any way to find the recipes as a pdf format or even as something I can copy o line? BTW, I don’t normally like mysteries but this one I loved and will be reading all of the series.

  18. I get such a kick out of your books! They are so much fun and the characters, recipes and story lines are great.

  19. Sign me up. I love your books Cleo.

  20. I love all your books I read them in one day when they come out. Your books get me through some tough times in my life please keep writing. Thank you and god bless

  21. We have read all of your Coffeehouse Mystery books, Cleo, and have loved all of them. We will be picking up your newest one, DEAD COLD BREW, today from our library. I am first on the list because as soon as I knew there was another edition in your wonderful series, I signed up before they had even ordered your newest book! I can hardly wait to get it into my hands. As much as we love our Kindles, there is something special about a “real” book in hand. We applaud your inventiveness for plots and the extensive research that must go into each new book. So, as everyone else tells you, “Keep them coming!”
    Vivian Weseloh

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  23. Have read all your books and the recipes are fabulous. I share the books with friends after I’ve finished them and everyone can’t wait for the next to come. The writing is “snappy” and flows so great; all of them have been a treasure to read and enjoy. Thank you for sharing your world. I’ve read all of the Haunted Bookshop series, and look forward to new ones as much as I do the Village Blends!

  24. I LOVE your books!!! I “read” (audio) them while walking or doing things around the house. The person that reads your audio books does a great job! I especially enjoyed “Once Upon a Grind” and it’s fairy tale theme. I’m currently have your most recent release on hold in my library hold system. Your descriptions of the coffee’s served have helped me understand coffee roasts better as well as the different types of ‘coffees’ such as Latte, espresso, etc. Keep writing!!! I’m sad I’ll have so long to wait for your next book, but also look forward to it.

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  27. I love to your books. I love your recipes. I am gluten and dairy intolerant so I play around and try to make them something I can eat.

  28. What a cool new website! I love the series-your recipes-(Oh Yummmmm!)-and your newsletter. Always a treat no matter which one I am reading. Thanks for being such friendly authors.

  29. I just love the new website, Cleo. Very stylish. I love all your books and have started reading them over again. Thank you and your hubby for all your hard work!

  30. I’ve not read any yet, but have book 1! catherine

  31. So much on all your sites, and the bonus of great books too!

  32. I enjoyed reading about the background story of the Coffeehouse series, since I have been a fan since the first book! Plus, each newsletter is fun to read!

  33. Love your books and have been reading them a long time! I was reading your muffin recipe and can’t wait to try them! Yummy!!

  34. I actually have a few of your books that I haven’t read yet since “life” has taken the upper hand at my house lately. I am looking forward to reading them when things calm down a bit more. catwoma

  35. I am on book 7. They are as addicting as coffee! ;).

  36. I am reading shot in the dark now, hard to put it down. Can’t wait for the new haunted bookshop mystery.

  37. I love hour newsletters since they contain so much information plus photos and recipes which are great. At least the ones I have made. JFWishe

  38. I’ve been enjoying your books for many years and look forward to each and every one. Your characters are great and so are the recipes. Thanks for all of the hours of entertainment that you share.

  39. I Love every one of the coffeehouse mysteries books…number one recommended books to all my family and friends!

  40. You write books that are hard to put down. I enjoyed every one I have read.

  41. Love the Coffeehouse Mysteries. Hope you keep writing them for a long time! mjhoppe

  42. I have read and loved your books since the beginning. I have also tried many of your yummy recipes. Bobnton

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  44. I just finished reading your last Coffeehouse Mystery Shot in the dark. I have read all of your Coffeehouse Mystery books and I love them. Will there be any more, I sure hope so.
    Pat Barnes

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  46. I have read all you books, about to start your new one. I read them on my Kindle, so I would like some your recipes, I see the recipe guide but it doesn’t give me the recipe. Thank you

  47. I have enjoyed your books for years and am looking forward to Brewed Awakening!

  48. I love the Coffeehouse series! Can’t wait to read “Brewed Awakening”

  49. I am an RN who is currently in NYC helping out with Covid. I have never been to NYC before but I look forward to visiting Greenwich village soon. You have painted a great picture of NYC in your amazing books!

  50. i love your books

  51. I love your books. When is your next coffee house mystery coming out? Soon I hope.

  52. I have read and enjoyed several of your books. The books have become “keepers” during our downsizing.
    I wish we were able to entertain at Thanksgiving. Your bundt cake recipe would be a good addition to our menu.

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