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Meet Clare Cosi
“Coffee Lady”


Name: Clare Cosi
Job: Village Blend Manager, Master Coffee Roaster
Internet handle: “The Coffee Lady”
Gender: Female
Age: 39 forever (kidding, kidding…)
Residence: Greenwich Village, New York
Originally from: Western Pennsylvania 

About Me: When I’m not making espresssos or supervising our barista staff, I’m creating and roasting new blends from the beans brought in by our coffee buyer. I’m divorced with one grown daughter (Joy), who is now in culinary school. Oh, and that coffee buyer I mentioned? He also happens to be Matteo Allegro, my ex-husband. So far, Matt and I are working together without too much drama, but all the issues that originally broke us up do occasionally rear their ugly, hydra-like heads. And then there’s my little habit of getting mixed up in murder. Don’t ask. It would take too long to explain, and Matt thinks I’m just seeking the thrills I missed while he was off cliff diving in Hawaii, and I was home alone, raising our daughter. Anyway, bottom line: love me, love the bean. Decaf drinkers, move along. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. 

What My Avatar Says About Me: Coffee is love. There’s not much a good cuppa Joe can’t make a little bit better.

Meet Matt Allegro,
“Coffee Hunter”


Name: Matteo “Matt” Allegro
Job: Village Blend Coffee Buyer, International Coffee Broker
Internet handle: “Coffee Hunter”
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Residence: Changes weekly
Originally from: Greenwich Village, NYC

About Me: Okay, I admit it. I’m an adventure junkie. When I was younger, my addictive personality was channeled into extreme sports. Now I travel the world in search of the best beans on the planet. There’s nowhere I won’t go–from the Costa Rican mountains to the Brazilian rainforests; from the islands of Indonesia to the muddy tracks of Uganda’s Mount Elgon (used by the Bagisu tribesman who’ve become experts at coffee farming). I’ve seen it and done it all; and although my ex-wife Clare believes I’ve also “done” every woman in every country I’ve visited, my extra-curricular activities have been nowhere near that egregious. Actually, despite my straying during our ten year marriage, she and I have managed to remain on pretty good terms. My elderly mother owns the Village Blend Coffeehouse, but she’s turned its operation over to me and Clare. I think we still make a good team, even if it’s no longer as man and wife. Bottom line: I’ve always been a thrill seeker, but at this age, I’m beginning to consider limiting my extreme sports to the bedroom.

What my Avatar says about me: Happiness is…trekking the globe, hunting for the world’s choicest cherries (coffee cherries, I mean).



Name: Madame Dreyfus Allegro Dubois
Job: Village Blend Owner
Internet handle: “Coffee Queen”
Gender: Female
Age: 79 (and counting)
Residence: Greenwich Village, New York
Originally from: Paris, France

About Me: Hello! My granddaughter, Joy, claims this virtual world is the way of the future, so she’s typing this up for me. Well, what can I tell you about myself? I’ve been through so much in this long life. I was born in Paris, and came to New York during World War II. At eighteen, I met my first husband, Antonio Allegro, and fell madly in love. He was so virile, so handsome, so passionate; and after he inherited the Village Blend from his father, he and I ran it together for years. We also traveled the world and had wonderful adventures!

From a very young age, our son Matt was steeped in coffee; and after Antonio passed, Matt took over purchasing coffee for the Blend and began brokering coffee for international clients. The century-old Village Blend has always been a family business—and I’m determined to keep it that way. That’s why it broke my heart when Matt and his adorable wife, Clare, divorced. 

Clare is the best barista I’ve ever met, and I’ve always considered her the daughter I never had—the divorce didn’t change that. (What’s a silly piece of legal paper against a lifetime of caring?) Consequently, I was thrilled when she agreed to return to my landmark coffeehouse and run it for me. The business will be half hers one day; my will makes it official, which makes me very happy. Because now I know, after I’m gone, my beloved Village Blend will be in the very best of hands.

As for me, I’ve got a lot of life yet to live, and I’m always up for adventure—just ask Clare! New York is quite a bubbling cauldron. Passions run high in my city and every so often, it seems my former daughter-in-law finds herself embroiled in the most interesting cases of murder. That’s when I offer my services. While I may no longer be a spring guinea hen, I’m nobody’s fool. And Clare knows better than to turn down the wisdom of a woman who’s been around more than a few blocks!

What My Avatar Says About Me:  Welcome to my coffeehouse! It is my hope you’ll think of it as a second living room—where (of course) freshly roasted coffee is always brewing!

Joy Allegro…


 Name: Joy Allegro
Job: Culinary Student (and part-time barista)
Internet handle: “One Hot Cookie!”
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Residence: Greenwich Village, New York
Raised in: (mostly) suburbs of New Jersey

About Me: I’m currently studying to become a professional chef. My goal (eventually) is to have my own restaurant, but until then I’m totally determined to apprentice under a top chef. I love cooking food, hanging with my friends, and my family. My grandmother is the coolest, and even though my parents are divorced, they’re working pretty well together. Mom and Dad have been big boosters for me, and I seriously appreciate that–even though Mom’s way too snoopy. I don’t mean she asks too many questions. I’m talking Defcon 1 Snoop Level here. It’s a real pain. A girl needs her privacy, you know? So, okay, I have this thing for older men that freaks Mom out a little. But I can’t help it if guys keep hitting on me. And the drug thing was no biggee. My partying is totally under control–the coke was just recreational! Anyway, I’m really a nice girl who works hard and is totally mature enough to run her own life. Totally.

What My Avatar Says About Me: Cooking Like Crazy rules! And so does The Frying Pan, which seriously beats falling into the fire!

Mike Quinn,


Name: Michael Ryan Francis Quinn
Job: Detective Lieutenant, New York Police Department
Internet handle: I don’t do cute
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Residence: East Village, Manhattan
Originally from: Brooklyn, New York

About Me: A good day for me is when I take someone bad off the street. I’m a real New Yorker. Born and raised in Brooklyn. Mom taught school. Dad was a fire chief. The FDNY was supposed to be my future, too, until an incident in high school turned the wheel, steered me to The Job. I like being a cop and lucky for me, I’m good at it. My task force is based at the Sixth, so I take downtime at the Village Blend. If you need more, leave a message on my cell to schedule a face-to-face there. I don’t blog. I don’t tweet. I don’t google, facebook, or do anything personal in public. In my profession, touchy-feely can land you in a world of hurt.

What My Avatar Says About Me: Trouble is my job. And I love my job.

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