Coffee Pick – Sulawesi from Dead to the Last Drop!

Cleo’s Coffee Pick


Sulawesi is a beautiful
premium coffee from Indonesia. 

Our readers might recall this “single-origin” coffee from our bestselling Coffeehouse Mystery Dead to the Last Drop.

Dead-to-the-Last-Drop_Cleo-CoyleThe premium Sulawesi was sourced by our intrepid coffee hunter Matt Allegro and roasted by our famous amateur sleuth, coffeehouse manager, and master roaster Clare Cosi.

I sampled the Sulawesi from both of these roasters and found them both to be delicious. ~ Cleo Coyle

#1 Pick

Sulawesi-Kalosi from Peet’s (dark roast)

The “Kalosi” part of the name in this coffee refers to a small town in central Sulawesi. This town serves as the collection point for the coffee from the many small farmers of this coffee in the area. This coffee brews up a lovely, very smooth cup. Roasted dark by Peet’s, it has good body and nice complexity.


Peet’s is very proud of their Sulawesi…


“The best coffees from Sulawesi are grown and processed in the area known as Torajaland, near the upcountry town of Rantepao. The villagers here have a long history of coffee cultivation, and they remain faithful to their traditional methods — planting trees on small plots near their houses… Above the emerald terraces of rice paddies that produce the staple of Torajans’ diet, trees of the old variety grow in even greener jungle… We think the unique cultural heritage and time-honored practices of this region have a lot to do with the distinctive taste of its Sulawesi-Kalosi coffee: unusually deep and complex, with rich flavors that evoke the spice-laden air of the Indonesian archipelago….”


For the lighter roasted coffee, I enjoyed…


Equator Coffee’s Sulawesi (medium-light roast)

EQUATOR’S SULAWESI (Medium-Light Roast)

Equator is a superb roaster of premium coffees. Located in Northern California, they are the roaster of choice for world-renowned chef Thomas Keller, and their coffee is served at his gourmet restaurants (The French Laundry, Per Se), and his Bouchon bakeries.

Equator’s Sulawesi-Toarco Jaya is a top-notch coffee that is usually only available to the Japanese market. I appreciated the unique opportunity to sample this coffee and was very pleased with its smooth, bright, and slightly fruity taste profile. Although it is no longer available for purchase at this time, I hope Equator is able to bring it back in the future for their customers to enjoy again! ~ Cleo 


“Like Sumatra, coffee from Sulawesi is usually processed by the wet-hulled method, which often results in the earthy flavors associated with the region. This Sulawesi is different; it is fully washed following strict quality standards at the Toarco wet mill…Toarco Jaya was established in 1976 by two Japanese companies and for many years the coffee was exported exclusively to Japan. We are now fortunate enough to be able to enjoy this beautiful, meticulously processed, AA grade coffee. In addition to growing its own coffee, the Toarco project also purchases cherry from smallholders in the remote villages of the Toraja region. In addition to providing technical and agricultural assistance to local farmers, Toarco also has provided critical infrastructure for the community, funding the construction of bridges and a hydroelectric power station in the mountainous region. The name Toarco is derived from words Toraja Arabica Coffee.”

 This coffee is unique and delicious…

May you drink with joy, to the last drop!

~ Cleo Coyle, author of 

The Coffeehouse Mysteries