Coffee Pick – Billionaire’s Blend

Behold a very special
Coffee Pick from Coffeehouse Mystery
author Cleo Coyle…

billionaire-blend-framed-coffee-one-good-woman-cleo-coyleClick the picture to see the coffee!

“Billionaire’s Blend” is a premium coffee created by Holly O’Connor of One Good Woman Fine Coffees and Teas and her master roaster Shane in honor of my visit to their store in Eastern PA, along with my partner in crime-writing, my husband Marc.

As our readers know, the name of this blend was taken from our Coffeehouse Mystery Billionaire Blend, and the customers liked it so much that Holly and Shane decided to keep roasting and selling it.


Purchase for Yourself or as a Gift:

Giving someone a gift with the word “Billionaire” in the title is a real hoot. And while this delicious blend is rich, the price is not ($14.75 a pound + shipping, which is a good deal for premium, small-batch roasted coffee).

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For a special order, feel free to contact their shop. Their staff is incredibly warm and friendly and they excel at fulfilling special orders. To see more of the products they sell, including coffees and teas, click here


The sign reads: “Billionaire’s Blend – The richest most full-bodied coffee in the world.
Organic Fair Trade Sumatra Mandheling and Dark-Roasted Ethiopian Sidamo
for a splash of fruity flavor.

As Shane, the master roaster of this coffee put it, he thought of “billionaires”
as he created this blend, making it rich and bold with layers of flavor.
You’ll see it visually in the beans with some roasted darker than others.
And where did that “splash of fruity flavor” come from? From those billionaire lifestyles,
of course. Shane pictured them drinking fruity cocktails on their island getaways,
which inspired him to include the splash of those notes in his rich blend.

The coffee is absolutely delicious, and
Marc and I regularly order it for ourselves.

May you drink with a *wealth* of joy!
~ Cleo Coyle, author of
The Coffeehouse Mysteries


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